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Safe Routes to school Plans

The Process

The plan development process last about 5-6 months depending the size of the school district.

Throughout those 6 months, we meet 4 times as a group to discuss issues and strategies to over come barriers to walking and biking. All meetings are facilitated by WCWRPC.


The Outcome

After the 4 meetings, WCWRPC will assemble a safe routes to school plan that lists all of the existing conditions, school specific issues and strategies, recommended community strategies, and implementation tips.


South Middle School Task Force Meeting

Meeting #1

The first meeting of the planning process includes a lot of discussion. Here, the history of the Safe Routes to School Program, a timeline of the planning process, and the six E's framework. We then start discussing any previous SRTS work that has been done prior, the current issues that are observed, and a vision for the program. 

Walk and Bike Audits

Walk and Bike Audits are performed between meeting #1 and meeting #2. WCWRPC and volunteers take notes and observe the existing conditions for walkers and bikers.  

Parent Survey

Parents have a huge say in whether or not their kids walk or bike to school. We send out an online survey to receive feedback on the specific issues. Also, if there were changes, would that increase the chances of their child walking or biking, and what would those be. 

Classroom Tally

For 1 week, the teachers of each classroom, tally  the modes of travel in which their students get to and from school. These tally sheets are some of the best data found and come directly from the source. 

Meeting #2

The second meeting is all about existing conditions based on data collected through the walk and bike audits, parent survey and classroom tally sheets. Also, we identify the 3-4 highest priority issues that need to be addressed in the plan. All data is presented by WCWRPC. 

Halmstad Page.png

This is an example of one of the pages in the plans. Here, we address current number of students that walk or bike compared to the total living in a walk zone and to the total school population.

Safe Routes.png

This map is of the designated safe routes for the Bloomer School District. 

Meeting #3

Meeting #3 is where we go over the designated safe route corridors, various maps, the school specific recommendations given by WCWRPC and the community recommendations.  We also discuss any additional items that could be added or subtracted from the document. 


After about 5-6 months of planning and meeting, you will finally get to see the draft of the SRTS plan document, and how all of the past discussions piece together. After this meeting WCWRPC will finalize and make the last finishing touches, and send each entity a hard copy in the mail. 


Rice Lake Walk/Bike Audit Date


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