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Events and Programs

Crossing Guard Appreciation

School Board and community staff and elected officials get to experience what it is like to be a crossing guard for a day. The outcome of this program has increased appreciation for those that help students get to and from school safely. After participating, volunteers fill out a questionnaire to help make crossing guard locations safer. 

Speed Radar Studies

High traffic speeds around schools is a common reason why parents won't allow their child to walk or bike to school. WCWRPC has speed radar devices and works with volunteers and/or students from the school to take speed data before and after school. Once speeds are collected, WCWRPC produces an infographic that can be used on social media. 

Infographic Example

If you would like WCWRPC to come to your school, click the box below.

Walk and Roll Challenges

Students will have the opportunity to enter a raffle each time they walk or bike to school. This event usually takes place during National Walk or Bike to School Week. Each raffle entry will have the chance to win prizes.

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